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Your Netcohort Future May Reflect A Renaissance Model

"History does not repeat - it rhymes" -- Mark Twain

In feudal times, a baron pledged to his knight even as the knight pledged to his baron. Just a generation or two ago the implicit social contract of organizations and their associates was also loyalty for loyalty.

back when loyalty was reciprical

This is no longer the case. Increasingly large organizations are asking for sacrifice, and their correlative promise is only to try to continue the existence of the organization.

There is a rapidly evolving unilateral nature of hierarchal association. This has been necessitated for bureaucracies and caused by transitions toward a social order based on individual empowering technology.


Social contracts seem to skip generations. The industrial age reflected the values of the feudal age. It is likely the relationships of the coming age will rhyme with the renaissance.


Long term reciprocal relationships are now the exception. Many individuals are now pledging to give no more loyalty to their surrounding organizations than the organizations give to them.


BFU style self directed e-learning is about pursuing your passions. A life long 24/7/365 pursuit of involvement with what is most important to you. Today you will start your own personal renaissance. 


If for instance you love liberty you will want to examine psychology also, this will lead you to sociology and economics. You pick the classes because you want to know. Your knowledge raises other questions, and you seek deeper answers.


Learning becomes an all day, every day, all life experience. Learning is now a pleasurable pursuit of useful knowledge.


If you wish a definition of Renaissance Education - it is not a learning system where knowledge is distributed - it is a catalyst for discovering understanding.


Someone once said "Education should not be a filling of buckets - it should be a lighting of fires." Light your own torch right now, rediscover the pleasures of self-directed learning.


The Netcohort society requires all of your potential integrity, knowledge, adaptability, and action.


Why not do your best - for you?


You are the key.

Bastiat Free University will help you open the doors you choose to unlock.

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