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A Subscription Based Bastiat Free University

Bastiat Free University is creating a monthly payment college program.



There are no anticipated admission fees or unit costs with this monthly payment distance learning plan, only a very low monthly fee.

We expect implementation in 2008, possibly for The Netcohort Institute.

Just pay a very small monthly payment that you may cancel at any time. Bastiat Free University will also give you seven no risk days to change your mind. You are now able to pay for your self-directed college education as you go - for less than a future student loan payment.

The BFU subscription uni will be as informal a quality education as you could want. If you do need a more structured college program - consider the Achievement Certificate Program.

Before you sign up for either, you will want to review the BFUniv summary page.

We haven't found any other colleges or universities offering a reasonably priced subscription degree. Why should they when they can charge hundreds of dollars a unit, and add various other fees amounting to more than our one monthly "all inclusive" fee?


Instant distant learning - just add (inexpensive) books

A subscription university may be the best recent route for offering cost appropriate self-directed learning. This is really a step back toward a far older model of education. There was a a time students went to a university to learn - instead of just hoping to get a better bureaucratic job.

You will still be able to register and monitor classes for free, this monthly payment plan will only apply to degree track students.

We may be the first to offer such an affordable plan for acquiring your degree. This will offer maximum flexibility to a distance learning student; in exchange for the college student having sole responsibility to follow through.

Take as many BFU college courses as you can handle. When you complete the requirements of enough university courses to earn your degree, let us know. We will confirm your efforts - and mail you your newly earned college degree.


Count the cost:

Acquiring a college degree should take effort. In this program you will earn your college degree, but now you can earn it on your own terms.

The difficult part is how are we to to price your learning venture. The price needs to be high enough to cover BFU's expenses and growth. It can do that and still be much lower than any bureaucratic accredited college. The charge should also not be high enough to force you to quit.

You can take time off or work as hard as you wish. Bastiat Free University's target students, Entrepreneurs and visionaries, should find the freedom and personal control of this approach appealing.

We require cost appropriate learning; a fair price for the student and reasonable support for the University.

It cost well over a hundred thousand dollars for my son to earn a bachelors degree from a good accredited brick and mortar college. BFU is not accredited, and does not intend to become accredited. For someone like my son that now has his own business - the extra $100,000.00+ for an accredited college over the cost of BFU serves little purpose. He could have started his business years earlier and made money instead of spending it.


Here is how we resolved those pricing issues.

1) We will skip the normal $150.00 registration and administration fee. You will also not be required to pay the $15.00 per unit charge.

2) We will let anyone quit without charge for 7 days.

3) Many students find BFU self-directed learning valuable. To make sure you are benefiting from the subscription college program your first three months will be at less than half price. The three month trial rate is $39.95 per month -- you can quit at any time. .

4) We trust that in three months you will know if this learning tool is benefiting you, or you will have quit the program. The fourth monthly charge will reflect the standard monthly fee of $99.95 until you finish your degree, or stop the payments.

BFU may retract or modify this offer, if so we will let anyone that is enrolled continue. If we do continue to offer this pay-as-you-go college program, any fee increases will be for new applicants only. If you have already gained access to the program, your price will remain as quoted.


To start your self-directed distance learning now:

* Pay for your Bastiat Free University education by clicking on this PayPal button and have a seven day "think it over" period. Your PayPal payment will go directly to Junior Partner Ministries, BFU is an educational outreach of JrPM. There is no profit pass through to individuals. Click this button:

* No sign up fees, just US$ 99.95 per month total fees. Finish as quickly as you wish - while completing all the course requirements. Let BFU know when you are done - we will review your learning history. (This is distance learning - you will learn more and be more likely to finish your degree if you form a local support group - contact us about group pricing.)

* Stop or re-start at any time. To stop just contact PayPal and say stop. They will not refund already collected payments - but you will not be charged again.


Was that all a bit too fast?

Here is the button to escape.


Bookmark this page.

At Bastiat Free University you will find cost appropriate and good quality distance learning. As a student-centric subscription university we want to be your pay-as-you-go college. If you have questions or suggestions contact "subscription at silentpc dot org." As low as this price is -- you can even afford to give education as a gift.

BFU registration - supplying quality distance learning to visionaries and entrepreneurs.

Here is Albert's take:


"If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." - Albert Einstein

A low monthly payment, self-directed, distance learning college with an online college degree program.

What a great college concept!


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