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Diploma track at BFuniv


If, and only if, you have chosen to work toward a degree and a diploma will there be charges for administration and review of your education's progress. Currently the charges are:


The application and entrance fee is US$150.00. This is a non refundable, one time payment to establish your educational account.


There are no further required fees, such as semester fees, student association fees, out of state fees, or other charges to enter BFU. We do reserve the right to change the fee structure if the costs to BFU prove out of line with our expenses.


The entry fee will be subject to change before any per unit costs escalate. If you are considering entering BFU it might be a good idea to invest the $150.00 and lock in that particular price.


BFU offers cost appropriate self tailored learning. Your per unit expense for administration and review is $15.00. Currently all classes except the master's completion course are 3 units. Each standard class will therefore cost $45.00.


An Associate of Arts (AA) degree will be conferred for 60 units; a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree will require 120 units; a Master of Arts (MA) or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) will require 200 class units including a 5 unit special assignment. If you already have college credits, send BFU a transcript and we will consider transferring in those units.


Register at no charge and investigate the classes -- now


Investigate a new system of high quality distance learning.



Payment of the administration fee and the class fees should be made at the Bastiat Bookstore by check or through Paypal / credit cards.


There is no time requirement to complete the courses, you know yourself, keep the pace that will keep you motivated. An achievement certification program is under consideration if you desire greater structure in your education experience. For the greatest personal independence in self-directed learning, investigate the monthly payment plan.


As you complete a course, repeat the above procedure for each new class, less the $150.00 application fee.


We may establish a separate server or URL address for those on a degree track, we will let you know when the change occurs.


Congratulations on your decision to pursue knowledge. Please let us know your frustrations and joys at Bastiat Free University -- so we can repair any problems and rejoice with you at each victory.


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