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BFU College Donations

funding positive change in education


donate to Bastiat Free University - Adult Unschool - BFU

accessible, affordable, and actionable student-directed learning


Bastiat Free University and you are a force for change in higher education.

Funding the fulfillment of student dreams is a satisfying investment. You can download the college contribution form right now or continue your research into the BFU way of dramatically impacting society.


As we combine our gifts, we are a force - a proactive force for change.

The additional satisfaction you receive with each donation is a testimonial reflection of the value you place on helping others.

BFU and our soon to be established Netcohort Institute are being developed to drive student's creative and audacious dreams. Visionary students want to substantially improve their lives and the lives of those they care about. With that worthy goal, and with proper training, they will impel social change that will ensure a better future.

Together we (BFU, The students, and you that are funders of change) face an array of possible futures while we also share many common objectives. Your BFU college donation is testimony of your belief that working together the future can and will be influenced.

"Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom." - Albert Einstein

BFU is expanding as quickly as possible -- each additional gift has a further impact on growth. Your college donations can profoundly expanded university priorities beyond maintaining systems and into empowering those that will learn and lead. Make your college contribution in an amount defined by you right now with credit card or with PayPal. You can also send a check and instructions to the address within the Bastiat Free University contributor's form.

Bastiat Free University does not receive any of the tax payer funding and public grants that are available to other universities and colleges. Further, we do not wish to receive such school funding due to the strings that are invariably attached and the coercive manner in which such funds are normally raised. Rather, we choose to accept support only from of individual and corporate visionaries that wish to positively shape our shared future.

One of our international students could only give encouragement - that is also very important. She e-mailed us: "it's a brave new world we have now. this is the time of the brave and the bold. ... I believe in your cause and your vision. but right now I don't have a dollar or even a quarter to donate. ... i wish you well. God bless." - Marge


Harness your power to benefit others.

You can enjoy the sweet taste of giving by making educational philanthropy a rewarding part of your overall financial planning. Planned gifts can also create a legacy with money that can't be spent or left to your children.

Unlike ignorance - a gift to improve education doesn't have to hurt. Your personal wealth can advance worthy causes using money that otherwise would pay income or estate taxes. You, not the government, can decide what your money will support. There are even ways to use your assets now, derive income from them, and still guarantee your gifts will be available as contributions later - talk to your personal advisor for details. Anticipating a future gift's impact is an opportunity to stay intimately connected with your growing legacy.

Endowment funds can be donated with the promise that capital will be kept secure while yield will be used to fund programs and opportunities. Consider donations through naming BFU as a beneficiary in your will, IRA, or life insurance; and as part of your overall estate plan.

You can also deeply impact many lives by writing a check of any size and following the few and simple instructions on the downloadable Bastiat Free University contribution Form. Please use this same form to let us know about any deferred legacy, bequest, and estate gifts. There is also room on the college donation form for you to make us aware of special requests, memorials, or dedications.

Your college donation to BFU is more than an investment of valuables; it is an opportunity to share and propagate your values. You are making a difference both in student's lives and in society. These gifts are investments in social change and you will enjoy seeing tangible results during your lifetime. You will have also funded change that will extend many life times through Bastiat Free University's empowered graduates.

Flood me with your questions, comments, and complaints. You will find a contact link by my picture at the BFU lens. You will find an interesting summary of Bastiat Free University within this one page lens.

I would enjoy visiting with you when you are in the Southern California area. I donate to BFU because I believe in preparing leaders with a positive vision for changing our future; students that will learn and lead. I promise not to pressure you for donations during this first visit. I want to hear your ideas.

Other's views on the colleges of Bastiat Free University have been invaluable. Your reading this far is evidence of your value for creating effective educational change. Let me explain why The Netcohort Institute is needed, I'll let your ideas help guide us as we create it.

At Bastiat Free University our overhead is kept very low. While trying to grow we are still operating at a loss. For now college donations that are not designated will be used to help defray the expenses of operation. As donations continue to grow an ever larger percentage will service growth and improvement.

Join us in the adventure - empower the outrageous dreams of others and achieve your own audacious visions.

"In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists." - Eric Hoffer

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