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Members Of The Netcohort Are Adaptable.

As bureaucracies deflate and implode the Netcohort Society is both the cause and the cure

With the inception of the industrial age the moribund trade guilds were doomed by increasing economies of scale. This new age also contributed to the creation of the skilled middle class worker. We have entered a similar period today, in reverse.

guilds as a type for the vanishing middle class

The currently receding middle class is condemned as technology and robotics replace repetitious manual tasks. This time the large institutions propelled into existence by industrial age centralization will morph into the smaller, more efficient networks demanded by the information age.

Once again artisans and thinkers are reforming into more protean guilds as is fitting for the new age.

There is today an ever increasing need for adaptable and creative doers. Society's survival now requires that innovators originate and develop ideas outside of obsolete and decaying organizational structures. In a world of increasingly temporal promises, small efficient groups now count on reputation to chose their affiliates.

Small and nimble teams of the Netcohort are comprised of independent knowledge working entrepreneurs. They are arising to fill the void being left by the first spasms of collapse from industrial age powers. These netcohort teams are aligning in a fluid way with other groups in what may become a Netcohort Society.

In contrast there is a steadily decreasing need for bureaucratically conditioned human drones, just as the education industry is creating far more of them. As declining demand for bureaucratically trained college degree holders encounters the world wide increasing supply of college diplomas expect some painful displacements.

The emerging Netcohort society will create a replacement for the middle class; customer centric knowledge workers attuned to each clients specific needs. The netcohort will exist in a network society composed of those that think, know, and accomplish. 

The netcohort already works as small protean associations within the transformational structure of an emerging Network Society; mobilis in mobili.

To participate in this vision of the future you must be knowledgeable, have integrity, act on your beliefs, and be  adaptable.


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