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The Netcohort Society Calls You To Action

Focus on projects that require your developing skills, knowledge, and wisdom in order to be done.


Lets review a historical era of transition and learn what to expect.

Feudal agriculture forced people to be married to the land and allied to a lord.

Feudal Lord - Henry The Eighth

The industrial revolution offered peasants a chance to innovate and develop.


This presented a frightening prospect if for generations your family had not traveled more than a few miles from home. The options for the ambitious were rapidly increasing, although for many the promise of a better life would take even more generations to fulfill. 


A once stratified society was becoming more fluid, with more opportunity, and with different risks. 


This is once again the case, adaptable knowledge workers are finding opportunity in this technological revolution. The changes are more rapid this time, the risks and rewards are greater. Conversion to the netcohort society presents a frightening prospect to a sedentary work force untrained for rapid social order transitions.


Today society is becoming ever more fluid, with much greater opportunity and risks. This opportunity must be met with a different educational system.


A Renaissance style education can mix all disciplines into a total life experience; History of sculpture may be accompanied by art creation and followed by the study of anatomy which leads to psychology, through architecture, and then to sculpting itself.


The student defines their educational needs by their desire to answer questions. The student follows these answers with new questions on a now higher level. Each step is reinforced by acting on the new knowledge. Learning is as it should be; an enjoyable, all day, all life, imaginative and self directed endeavor.


Our new information based Netcohort Society will require knowledge, integrity, adaptability, and action.



From You


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