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Bastiat Free University


re-engineering higher education

student directed distance learning for visionaries and entrepreneurs

BFuniv is a new type of university where you are in charge of your own learning.

Here you will rediscover how to enjoy learning.

Register for free.

Monitor Classes for free.


Study and learn wherever you wish.


BFuniv study anywhere - beach study location


Prepare yourself for the emerging information and miniaturization age.

We are leaving the industrial age; join the Netcohort.

Important attributes in the emerging Netcohort Society are - knowledge, integrity, adaptability and action. We will help you acquire the knowledge necessary for success. You will have to provide the rest.

You now have a multiple choice decision:

A) You can leave and maybe return later.

B) You can get some quick information right here, right now.

C) You can go to the Old BFU site and get a lot of information.

D) You can register for free and look at the courses.

E) All of the above (and much more)


BFUniv is a school for your independent mind.

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